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I help people (re)interpret their potentials

by revealing personal truths that have been forgotten but never lost.

Breaking the trance

Mindful Design

Why do I obsess about our mind, our habits, and the buttons we push to connect them all?

Everything we use and touch are designed by someone — an engineer, a designer, a brand, a network of systems within a culture of habits — Our experiences of the world are predicated by our tech-induced perceptions. Design influences behaviors.

Our behaviors determine the quality of our work and life.


I’m a Connector

of people and ideas.

I love learning about the ways we perceive ourselves and consequently what we believe we have to offer others — The art of peopling — Holistically perceiving, feature-setting, mental-modeling: A methodological art in building products, platforms, and thriving ecosystems.

What I’ve helped clients achieve across all sectors


Increase in overall psychological safety at the workplace


Hours of backlog clearing design sprints that delivered the core brand promise


Millions worth of net savings in retainable, high-value human capital

Systems Design = Life Design


People are systems, too

I help my clients navigate the curves that life/career/realationships/new directions throw at them by tapping into and exercising their personal mastery.

Personal mastery
Ivy Mahsciao for Systems Design



I speak about the tech debt we incur during personal and business development cycles that prevent growth and flourishing.


1:1 (of Many)

I advise startups and organizations that need to rapidly move beyond the science of process and into the art of progress.



I run sprints and vision quests with a team of truth seekers who are great at rehabbing cultures and processes that lack action potential.



I help people reclaim their own time, and to get good at leveraging the hunches they’ve collected over time to build their own personal mastery.

I help transform complex systems by creating new dynamisms that allow interdependence to flourish.