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Personal Mastery

Rewrite Your Experiences,

Own Your Mastery

There are core aspects of the self which act like rewritable memories that we patternize into anticipations for the future. When these self-organizing aspects get rewritten or edited, we change.

When we take time to properly situate ourselves, redefine our values and see what we have to offer (to ourselves and to others), we can connect the dots in our horizon of experiences and our mastery will gradually emerge as a result.

Begin Your Mastery
What Drives Us

This is what we have a natural inclination towards in life, generally the innateness we have that makes us feel fulfilled which doesn’t always equate to a job.

What Grounds Us

This is the cultural capital that we have inherited from our family, our friends; derivatives of beliefs that were introduced to us from a young age which is refined and edited over time.

What Sustains Us

This is what has taken a career or a lifetime of practice and what we put on our CV. This is also by customary, how we introduce ourselves to the world which doesn’t always equate to a passion or necessarily correlate to our values.

I help transform complex systems by creating new dynamisms that allow interdependence to flourish.